Pleasant Hill Baptist Church


The Christ-Life Now #2

The second sermon in the series is entitled, "Exchanged!" We must exchange our unrighteousness for God's righteousness.

The Christ-Life Now #1

Pastor Jack's new series, The Christ-Life Now, examines our responsibility as believers, which was the same as the band of followers and disciples who were left with the gigantic, challenging, and sometimes dangerous task of proclaiming to the rest of the world the name of Jesus. Today's sermon is entitled, "Exposed."

Mother's Day Sermon

Today, we celebrate all of the "mean mothers" who faithfully stand up against all that is threatening, dangerous; all that terrorizes and bullies; all that scares and intimidates each of their children. They stand against all that is morally wrong, evil, wicked, and destructive. They are the mean ones. Happy Mean Mother's Day for Pastor Jack and Pleasant Hill Baptist Church.

Dr. Eddy Bunton

It is Pastor Appreciation Sunday and Dr. Eddy Bunton is our guest speaker. His sermon is entitled, "Three Looks Every Church Should Take."