Pleasant Hill Baptist Church


Rev. Jonathan Puckett

Listen as Pastor Jonathan challenges men on Baptist Men's Day at the church.

Faith For Everyday Living #3

Today is Part 2 of the sermon entitled, "The Qualities of Faith." Taken from the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus described the qualities of faith by using the term "blessed." He declared, "Oh, how you are blessed…(when)…you live a gentle faith that mourns for the lost and dying."

Faith For Everyday Living #2

Jesus chose a little hillside above the Sea of Galilee to deliver a sermon on simple faith. We know the sermon as the "sermon on the mount" or the "beatitudes." Listen as Pastor Jack shares Part 1 of "The Qualities of Faith."

Faith For Everyday Living #1

You are invited to hear the first sermon in a new series to start the new year entitled, Faith For Everyday Living. Today's sermon is "What Can Faith Do For You?"