Pleasant Hill Baptist Church


From Wilderness to Resurrection #3

After celebrating the Passover meal with His disciples, Jesus stopped to pray in the Garden of Gethsemane. There He won the greatest battle of all time—He chose to surrender His will to the Father's will. Listen as Pastor Jack challenges us to do the same.

From Wilderness to Resurrection #2

Jesus began an earthly ministry which touched all aspects of humanity; meanwhile, He demonstrated that He was the King of Glory of whom Psalm 24 described. The title of today's sermon is "The Servant King of Glory."

From Wilderness to Resurrection #1

Pastor Jack's new series, From Wilderness to Resurrection, takes us on Jesus' journey to the cross and beyond to His resurrection. The first sermon is entitled, "The Wilderness Temptation." We look at the wilderness temptations that Jesus faced as He confronted the deceiver. Listen for what Satan tried to use against God's Son—the same strategies that he attempts to use against God's spiritual sons and daughters.

Faith For Everyday Living #9

The final sermon in the series examines what to do when hope fails. The daughter of the Jarius, the synagogue ruler, had died. Jesus moved toward His promise and that's what God's people do—when hope is lost, they continue to move toward God's promises.

Faith For Everyday Living #8

""Keep On Believing is the title of this sermon, the story from Mark 4 of a woman who believed in the healing power of Jesus.